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5 Top Tips for Choosing a Logbook Lender

  • What Makes NewLogbookLoans.com the Best Option for your Logbook Loan?


  • 1. For your logbook loan, only use a direct lender and not a finance broker

    You will find that there are only a few direct lenders if you are thinking about getting a logbook loan to release the equity locked up in your car. In reality, there are a loads of comparison and third-party financial sites that are all trying to sell logbook loans directly to you on behalf of their favoured lender. The “finance broker” will state that they will deal directly and for free with all lenders on behalf of their clients. The truth is rather different. The financing brokers will only cooperate on a commission basis with a single lender. You won’t get a better offer or better financing terms through this approach of employing a third-party loan broker. The commission that the brokers charge is ultimately covered by the lender and is always billed to you, the client.

    Our recommendation to any customer considering utilising their vehicle as collateral for a logbook loan is to speak with a lender directly. To get a better deal, clients must speak with a direct lender directly rather than a third-party financing broker. The customer must make sure they select a lender that specialises in logbook loans and is licenced, trustworthy, and discrete.

    A direct logbook loan provider with FCA authorisation is NewLogbookLoans.com. For those of our clients seeking to borrow money from their cars on the same day, we provide trusted and popular logbook loans. With nearly 400 client five-star reviews, we are currently the “UK’s No. 1 Trusted Logbook Loan Lender” on Trustpilot.

    Family-owned and operated, NewLogbookLoans.com is a direct lender. We are honoured to be authorised by the  Financial Conduct Authority and Consumer Credit Trade Association.  We provide our clients market-leading rates that aren’t available to finance brokers when applying directly or on any loan comparison website because we lend our own money. The UK’s industry leaders in logbook loans, NewLogbookLoans.com offer loans ranging from £500 to £150,000, depending to the car’s value, the availability of a client affordability assessment, and a credit report.

    We provide logbook loans all around the United Kingdom, with a focus on Scottish and Northern Irish logbook loans.


  • 2. Only work with logbook loan lenders with a 5-Star Trustpilot rating

    Never choose a lender for a logbook loan without first reviewing reviews of their prior customer service. Always take into account a lender’s Trustpilot client reviews, is our recommendation. The level of service you can anticipate is best indicated by this. Choose a lender only if company has a good reputation for paying out loans quickly, operating efficiently, and providing excellent customer service.

    No matter the size of the loan, NewLogbookLoans.com strives to give every customer the greatest customer service and quickest payout possible. We utilise and adore Trustpilot. Our top priority is getting 5-star evaluations from our clientele. A five-star rating indicates that we exceeded our clients’ expectations and that they thought they received what they needed and frequently more.
    Our customers rate J2P Autos trading as LoanOnYourCar.co.uk and NewLogbookLoans.com as “Excellent,” making us the UK’s No. 1 Trusted Logbook Loan Lender. Our clients choose us to be their logbook loan provider with complete trust because of the nearly 400 5-star evaluations we have received. 

    Don’t just take our word for it, visit www.uk.trustpilot.com/review/loanonyourcar.com or read a few of the reviews below before believing us. –

  • “The professionalism shown was amazing! They clarified me several times and the staff was very friendly”

    “This was a straightforward process from start to finish. The guys couldn’t have been any more helpful and everything was done start to finish in one day. Great service”

    “I was very pleased with my experience with this company everything was so easy to do and nothing was to much trouble for them the money was in my bank within a couple of hours great device”

    “Amazing and very helpful, within a day they had helped me with my loan. Joe was very helpful and gave me a couple of options he kept me updated all the way through and in no time I had my money. Thank you all for the help”

  • 3. Only take hire purchase logbook loan rather than a bill of sale. 

  • A consumer credit agreement and a bill of sale were utilised to secure the loan when the logbook loan was first introduced. A bill of sale was used to formally hand over ownership of the vehicle to the lender for the logbook loan.
  • The V5C logbook and frequently the spare key, had to be handed to the lender as a condition of the loan. The borrower gave up complete ownership of the automobile and gave it to the lender upon execution of the two contracts. With a Bill of Sale, the borrower has virtually little legal recourse. Importantly, the lender has the authority to recover the collateral without a court ruling if the borrower skips two payments.

    It’s significant to remember that while a Bill of Sale is recognised legally in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, it is not recognised legally and is not utilised in Scotland.
    Instead of the outdated Bill of Sale that is often provided, NewLogbookLoans.com launched the new Hire Purchase Logbook Loan in 2019. In compliance with the Consumer Credit Act, NewLogbookLoans.com secures the Logbook Loan against the vehicle via the Hire Purchase Agreement. Throughout the duration of the loan, the borrower may use the vehicle for personal use only. The hire purchase logbook loan also gives the borrower more security because it is based on current law. Additionally, the hire buy agreements can be signed electronically without a corporate representative going to the borrower’s house.

    The Hire Purchase Logbook Loan was initially made available directly from NewLogbookLoans.com, the best logbook loan provider in the UK.  NewLogbookLoans.com specialises in V5 Loans, Car Pawn Brokering, and other types of Vehicle Equity Release. NewLogbookLoans.com places the highest value on its integrity and reputation. As a responsible lending organisation, NewLogbookLoans.com abides by the Consumer Credit Trade Association’s “Code of Practice,” and the Financial Conduct Authority has granted it full accreditation.

  • 4. Only use a digital lender and get your cash in 60 minutes, choose a quick logbook loan

    When considering a logbook loan, the most frequent question we are asked by clients is, “How long does it take for a logbook loan to be paid out?”

    Compared to high-street banks and other high-street finance organisations, logbook loans are more quickly processed . This has contributed to their rising popularity over the past ten years.
    The Logbook Loan was revolutionised by J2p Autos trading as LoanOnYourCar.co.uk and NewLogbookloans.com the provider of the cheapest logbook loan.   Our goal was to enable customers to complete a new Hire Purchase Logbook Loan on a mobile phone in under an hour, anywhere in the United Kingdom.
    A Bill of Sale Logbook loan typically takes 1 to 3 days, depending on the lender and the borrower’s location inside the United Kingdom. 

  • And that’s exactly what we accomplished, the ability to complete a Logbook Loan in under 60 minutes
  • 1. After receiving an online application, we do a preliminary valuation.
    2. Within 10 minutes at most, a member of the sales team will call the customer to finish the application.
    3. The client is given a decision in principle right away.
    4. With no need for a house visit, we conduct a real-time vehicle inspection of the car using a WhatsApp video.
    5. To confirm the loan’s final clearance, we then carry out an extensive assessment of bank statements and a full credit check.

    6. We will confirm that the loan has been approved, the logbook loan has been repaid, and the money has been transferred within minutes to the client’s account.

    The only lender that can truly guarantee a 60-minute completion is a totally digital direct lender that offers Hire Purchase Logbook Loans.

  • 5. Choose a lender only if they permit penalty-free loan settlement and overpayments on logbook loans

    Read the fine print carefully before you sign a Logbook Loan agreement to be sure you understand any early redemption provisions and any associated penalties.
    We offer the most open and equitable logbook loans in the UK at NewLogbookLoans.com. We give our customers the option to repay their loans early without incurring penalties and to make extra payments to get the interest rate lowered. As a licenced lender under the Consumer Credit Act of 1974, we go above and above our obligation.
    It is crucial to comprehend how the lender will apply overpayments to the account as well as the effects it will have on the loan repayment schedule and the overall amount of interest due. Depending on the terms and circumstances of the lender, hidden fees and levies might significantly affect the total amount due.
    Customers can pay their accounts with NewLogbookLoans.com at any time without incurring any fees, saving them money. Any time throughout the term, a settlement amount may be sought; it will be good for 28 days. If a loan is paid off ahead of schedule, interest is only owed for the remaining 28 days of the loan’s active life. As soon as the loan settlement is fully paid, we halt interest accrual.
    We also permit an infinite number of capital overpayments from our clients. When we receive a capital overpayment, we shall deduct that sum from the initial loan principle and recalculate the loan repayments starting with the next repayment due date.
    At NewLogbookLoans.com, we give our clients the best chance to pay off their loans early and save money on interest.


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Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. Your vehicle may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your loan.