New Northern Ireland Logbook Loan

Who are New Logbook is a FCA Regulated Logbook Loan lender operating seamlessly throughout Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.  

We are a direct lender and not a broker.  We provide proven and preferable solutions for people looking to raise short-term finance from their vehicles throughout Northern Ireland.  To date, we have helped many thousands of customers with a short-term flexible cash loans.

As a lender, is regulated by the terms of the Financial Conduct Authority and are fully accredited member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association and therefore fully complies to provide ethical lending within the terms of the Consumer Credit Act.

The New Northern Ireland Logbook Loan offers a fairer and quicker alternative for borrowers in Northern Ireland than the original Bill of Sale Logbook loan and still allows the borrower to keep the vehicle for the duration of the loan.

If you’re looking for Logbook Loan in Northern Ireland we operate in all six counties, Antrim, Down, Londonderry, Tyrone, Armagh, and Fermanagh.   

We secure the loan against the car using a Hire Purchase Agreement, regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. This is compared to the original Logbook Loan currently available which secures the car against the loan using a Bill of Sale Act of 1882.  In 2015 the Law Commission concluded that the Bill Of Sale Act is archaic and wholly unsuited to the 21st century.

Complete the Application Online with No Home Visit

We complete every loan application safely and securely online, with no home visit required. The car inspection is completed via ‘WhatsApp’.  All supporting documentation is supplied via email and the contract is signed via e-signature.

We pay the money into the borrowers account within 60 minutes of receipt of the signed contract and loan documentation.


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